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The new album is coming out soon! Listen and download our first EP in the meantime


Man from the Box

“… Three Sides of a Tragedy I strikes the listener in a very immediate way. That is not to say that it is mundane rock however, far from it. Man from the Box’s superb instrumental talent as well as his brilliant knack for lyrical wordplay keep the album as intelligently adventurous as it is powerful, even allowing for ambient transitions that provide a calming break in the powerful onslaught…”

Jamsphere Magazine

…”Three Sides of a Tragedy I is an album that occupies a space much greater than its run time indicates.”…

NeuFutur Magazine

“I’ve no idea how I came across this album but it’s amongst the best I’ve discovered on Bandcamp. Thoughtful lyrics; intriguing rhythms and melodies. The music itself is proggy/rocky but with none of the worst excesses of either. Musically and lyrically it fits into its own wee niche. Seems to end much too soon but only because it’s such an enjoyable and engaging listen.”

Sanandana – Bandcamp user


Three Sides of a Tragedy I

The first piece by “Man from the Box” is the first in the trilogy “Three Sides of a Tragedy”.

Sadly, the story behind “Three Sides of a Tragedy” is  based on true events. Living in a place where we share our mundane life with crime and violence,  the simple wish of hanging out for fun may become a real tragedy. The unlucky ones depart too early and leave behind family and good friends.

This first piece tells the story from the victim’s point of view — the dark face of a tragedy.


Available in BandcampCD Baby, GooglePlay, iTunes and in main streaming services as Spotify and Tidal. The songs are also free to listen on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

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