About Man from the Box

If you lived in Caracas in the late 90’s, you may have listened to his music when visiting the underground music scene, under a different name though. His music went from classic through progressive, sometimes dark, sometimes slow and, sometimes, hard. Strange music as some might have said. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but still with a growing audience.

It is also possible that you saw him moving through the city while playing his guitar with his friends and band-mates. Playing covers of The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Soda Stereo, you might have even paid them some money (or beers) to perform.

After a long 20 years retirement from music (because life), he came back as Man from the Box. With a similar and refreshed music style and thrilled to start working with music again. Still loyal to the rock, progressive and experimental genres, Man from the Box plays music that feels eclectic, yet direct and personal, merging personal lyricism with unpredictable arrangement.

The now Sweden-based artist mastered the skill of blending insightful production values with skilled musicianship and great vocal performances.

“I never stopped thinking and dreaming in music. I feel such a big relief now that I started composing and producing again. It is never late.”

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