Three Sides of a Tragedy – as a series of animated videos

Yes. The project is moving forward and now the next step is being taken. Three Sides of a Tragedy is going to turn into an animated rock opera!

The main idea is to produce an animated video for each song that, when put together, make a film with the whole story. It is a dark, sad and horrible story. Sadly based on true events. And may it serve as a message to everyone on how life can be destroyed when the wrong people take power. May it serve as means of protest for the people that have to flee their land to get a better life or for those who live in silence, fear, and hunger. Surrounded by horror.

“Three Sides of a Tragedy I”. When The City is your doom. Art by 61ego

The illustrator Ricardo Sanabria and director/writer Vicente Ianonne have started working on the characters and scripts respectively. There is a lot of work left to do and it is a very big and ambitious project. And it will be great! We hope to throw out a powerful message while making a wonderful work of art.

I am setting up a page where all the information, works of art and music will be published. This page will be updated often with new content and new changes. This is the link:

Three Sides of a Tragedy