Three Sides of a Tragedy I released!

I am proud to announce that the first piece from Man from the box, Three Sides of a Tragedy I, has been released. This first piece is part of the trilogy “Three Sides of a Tragedy”.

Sadly, the story behind “Three Sides of a Tragedy” is based on true events. Living in a place where we share our mundane life with crime and violence, the simple wish of hanging out for fun may become a real tragedy. The unlucky ones depart too early and leave behind family and good friends.

This first piece tells the story from the victim’s point of view — the dark face of a tragedy.

With cover art from great artist Andrzej Maria Krupinski, I am very happy with the overall outcome of our first album.

Three Sides of a Tragedy I is available on all major streaming services and on iTunes, Google Play, BandcampCD Baby and Amazon