Two different parts of the world, one rock song

Hail from Grey w/ Man from the Box - Straight from the Bone

With the internet, distance does not matter anymore. Not even when making and producing music. Collaboration between two different artists in two different parts of the world can give birth to a well produced song.

The artist Hail from Grey and I teamed up to produce a rock song. It was a very nice and enriching experience. Hail from Grey recorded all the instruments himself and mixed them. I recorded the vocals, got the drum tracks from him and mixed those toghether with the rest of the instruments. This is the result:

An extra, and really important, consequence of this collaboration is that I got attention from his followers. And his got attention from mine. So it seems that this is a really good way of promoting music, which is very difficult nowadays. Producing a song is much easier than to get it heard by your target audience.

The final mix and mastering was then done at my own Proud Music Studios.